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My purpose will always be to introduce people to my visions of space, new realities and a large dose of fantasy!

Dreams and creative imagination is my way to remind myself and my fellow man that the present is very brief and finite. It is how we “dream” our future to be in the present, that will determine our future.

Nightrider II   PR1
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Hero  PR2                    
Free Fall  PR3
Spaces  PR4
The Look  PR20
Dusk II PR6
Storm III PR7
HotPlanet III 1995 PR8
Static Energy   PR25
Doors II   PR26
Sleeping Beast   PR27
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         My Art career started in the mid-seventies, several years after my art school training. My love of Space and Fantasy art came about as a result of my love of Astronomy and science fiction. I would draw and paint stars and planets and even built a telescope as a school boy to gaze at the stars.

I always had a passion for understanding the cosmos; the life cycles of stars and how the universe works.

I had a tough decision to make when it came to going to university! Art School or a degree in Astronomy (cosmology these days), but my love of Art got the better of me and Art school won out! In any event, I got to paint my stars and galaxies.

During my painting career I made excursions into the world of interior design. Through my commissioned mural works I worked on special paint effects, lighting, and restoration work on listed buildings in London and elsewhere in the world.

Today we live in a digital imaging age where lots of exciting things can be done with Art, Photography and Video, etc. I believe that the advent of the digital camera has allowed us all to become better photographers. For me, the main point being that I can reproduce my work to gallery quality standards in colour and longevity. With light-fast inks, archival papers and modern professional printers my past and present art work is very affordable.

Art and creativity is the highest human expression and activity so have fun and long live art!

Zoran Peshich 2007 Florida